Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 in review and plans for the future

The year is almost over and for me, it was at least as crazy as the year before. Sitting back during the holidays, I can now take a look at how was the year for this blog.

Looking back at the end of year posts from 2012 and 2013, it is interesting to see that I got a little closer to the goal of having at least one new post per week, with a spike of activity around the middle of the year. While better than 2013, it is still around half of the posts during the first year of the blog. Nowadays I think one post per week is a more realistic goal, so I am sticking with it for the next year. Here are the other goals I am setting for Fantalonia 2015:

Moving to virtual tabletops
After many years of service, my inkjet printer has stopped working. I still have access to a monochrome laser printer, and I have seen great examples of black and white paper miniatures. However, I cannot find cheap toner for that printer, so my papercraft experiments will be limited.

At the same time, virtual tabletop (VTT) software like Tabletop Simulator, and good old MapTool keep getting better. So I have decided to try to make them my main platform for solo gaming in 2015 -- that includes dedicating time to make tokens and terrain for them.

Thorough, solo play-focused reviews
One expected effect of moving to VTTs is that I will be able to play more often. Therefore, I intend to make more thorough reviews of games from a solo player perspective, rather than the "first impressions" posts I have been writing. These will still take time so there will probably be only a few along the year.

More solo RPG sessions
After a few attempts at solo RPG gaming with Mythic or the 9 Questions, my posts moved back to miniature games almost exclusively. However, I had a great time with the Jenkins' Story campaign -- which ended up being closer to an RPG in play.

I also have lots of RPG systems that I am pretty sure I will not play with a group: as time passes (and we grow older), it is ever harder to find people with patience to try new game systems. Therefore, I will try to have more solo RPG sessions (with different systems) in 2015.

That's all for now, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and wish a great 2015!