Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paper and metal... in spaaace

I was surprised today by the arrival of an international mail package. I would expect it to be the French napoleonic miniatures that I got from Aleksandar's giveaway, Instead, they were the Full Thrust starter packs from Ground Zero Games. From previous experience (admittedly, a small sample) packages from Europe take from 1 to 3 months to arrive -- this time, it took about 20 days.

I also found out that my scratch-built ships were smaller than the GZG ones, so my frigates, destroyers and light cruisers have been turned into corvettes, frigates and destroyers.

Now I have to try and paint all of these ships to get them to the table. I am also looking for tips on mounting metal ships to the flight stands. I think at least some of them will require a bit of putty, as the hole in some of the ships is larger than the peg on the stands.