Sunday, April 21, 2013

What? April is almost over!?

Just a quick update before I reach one full month without visible activity... this month flew by as I am struggling with a lot of administrative tasks, including reports and organization of events.

Anyway, I have been reading Mercenary Air Squadron to try to play a few games, as it seems to have an interesting and different take on solo strategy games. At least compared to the games I know.

I have been preparing to begin my first game with JF's 9Qs, but I still have to organize what I have done in a coherent post.

There is also Larger than Life, the pulp game from Two Hour Wargames. I bought it a couple of months ago, read it all at once and loved every bit... and until now I still have to play a game.

Lastly, I have purchased the new Ganesha Games' Swatters as I was curious about how they would handle groups of figures in larger numbers than the typical skirmish. Since the book includes some advice for solo play, I am in the process of building a simple "playtest" set of trays and figures to play a few games.

So to sum it up: extra work and a lack of focus have resulted in no actual playing lately... hopefully this will change soon.