This is a quick reference for the solo game campaigns I have run and reported in this blog. They are separated into three groups: Ongoing, Completed and the "Proto-campaigns," short experiments and strings of games that share a theme but are not fully-fledged campaigns.


These are my current campaigns, using a variety of systems and mostly in sci-fi or fantasy settings.

The Vagrant - an ongoing adventure usinig the 5150 Fringe Space rules.


These are campaigns that have reached a proper conclusion.

The Battle for Zorpel - colonial forces vs. robot invaders using the campaign system and rules from Five Core 2.0.

Wasteland Raiders - a five-game campaign using the revised edition of Mutans and Death Ray Guns to celebrate four years of this blog.

Jenkins' Story - my first campaign using 5150 New Beginnings: Urban Renewal. It follows the adventures of Jerry Jenkins, holo-vid clerk.

Circle of Death is a small tournament played with the Red Sun Black Moon rules. Eight fighters enter the tournament, but only one will walk away.

Grey City - a group of survivors must leave an abandoned city before a swarm of zombies arrives. Four linked games with custom scenarios, using Fear and Faith rules.

War in the Planet of the Amazons is a short campaign using Jenny's Little Girls and Chain Reaction Final Version, as a homage for the 10 years of Chain Reaction (which started as Guns and Girls.)


These are some experiments that share a theme (and sometimes a set of rules) but are not fully developed campaigns.

Stories of Hope is a collection of my first games with 5150:New Beginnings. As they involve experimenting with the game's rules, most stories end badly for the characters involved in them. The experience gained with these games helped me organizing the Jenkins' Story campaign.

The Hidden Battles of MR-4/76 is a set of linked games of 5150: Star Army where Gaea Prime and the Hishen Empire fight for a barren world rich with minerals. I actually built a number of simple paper miniatures and played three battles. I intend to come back to Star Army with a more detailed campaign in the future.

The War of Sidalis IV is themed around a sci-fi conflict between federation army forces and corporate military to take control of a planet with alien artifacts. Played as a loose set of scenarios as episodes of the conflict, using different systems: Chain Reaction 3.0, USE ME, Flying Lead and Strike Legion.