This page organizes the links to the paper figures and models that I have created. These and some others may also be found (with additional comments and pictures) at my sub-board in the Cardboard Warriors forum. I have also added some items (maps, tokens etc.) for virtual tabletops.

Items for MapTool

Starsthip tokens for use with space combat rules.
Sci-fi soldier tokens: a set of grunts, heavy weapon specialists and sergeants ready to use in MapTool.

Battleground pack: ready-made maps for 2'x2', 3'x3', 4'x4', 4'x3' and 6'x4', as well as a basic 1'x1' tile to make other board sizes. Using the scale of 50 pixels = 1" (MapTool default.)


Storm Cyber Mage (August 2014)

Cyber Hero (February 2013)

Exterminator Jack (October 2011)


Origami dice pack: scatter die, decision die and some dice for Five Core (March 2015)

Desert Skiff (July 2014)

Towed Howitzer (September 2011)

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