Monday, April 4, 2011

Coyote and Cabins

Today I built a few more models, including a reduced version of the Coyote (from Finger and Toe) and a couple of Dave Graffam's rustic cabins in their original scale.
The reduced Coyote was challenging, as the slightest misalignment in cutting or folding can result in an ugly model. This led me to learning to use a ruler when scoring even the shortest and "easiest" tabs. I also had to use tweezers to actually fold most of the tabs, as many became just a few millimeters wide. In the end it was worth it and now I have a new addition to my 15mm sci-fi options.

As for the rustic cabins, what I can say is that it feels good to go back to building models in their original scale, after quite a while building them at 50%-70% (printing at four or two pages-per page) for my 15mm games. The cuts and folds are so much easier to do! On the other hand, heavy cardstock is a must: I used 120gsm for the cabins and they kept buckling, so the next things I build in this scale will have to be printed on or glued to thicker paper.

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