Monday, May 23, 2011

So many games, so little time...

After a while collecting miniature game rules (and a few other strategy games), I decided to take a little time to find out how many I have, how many are free and, most importantly, how many I have played at least once. The results are surprising: a total of 40 different games, 17 of them free and only 13 of them played so far. There's a dozen games I paid for and still haven't tested...

So, based on this little chart, I decided to take a break on collecting and focus on actually playing what I've got, possibly with the help of programs like RPTools or Battle Chronicler. When possible I'll use an actual table, so that I can experience the game's rules involving measurements, counters and bookkeeping in the "real" environment but I suspect that I won't have the necessary space, miniatures or terrain for some of them.

If I get the extra time to do it, I'll try to write a little review for each game system that I try, and possibly an opinion on the "solo-friendliness" of them. So, there we have a new project for this little blog.


Slorm said...

Very good idea.

All the reviews and AAR will be welcome.

By the way, what if you start with Avalon Games?


Ricardo said...

Thanks. I actually have started testing Chain Reaction 3.0 but I'll try Dark Dungeon after that.

Slorm said...

CR3 is a very interesting wargame for solo playing. the only think that I dislike, because I don't understand it is the Outgunned rule.
I frined of mine, very THW fan, says that CR3 is a "dices roller".

Well, tell us your experience.