Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Katana Schoolgirls vs. Zombie Furries

Just got the new set of paper miniatures from David Okum. Besides the schoolgirl minis (in different color schemes) and lots of zombies, furry zombies and toxic zombies, this set also comes with the game "Katana Schoolgirls vs. Zombie Furries", which can be played by 1-4 players.

In the game, each player controls one of the katana-wielding schoolgirls in a board made of randomly placed tiles, which start face down. The impression I have is that in multiplayer, it is an each-schoolgirl-for-herself affair, trying to gain more points by fighting monsters (and possibly trapping your opponents.) Playing solo, it's more of a dungeon exploration game. Anyway, these are my impressions after a quick read of the rules; I still have to print and cut all minis, tiles and cards to have a chance to test it.


Slorm said...

Thanks, I have bought it.

Very good miniatures, I am looking for some policemen to fight against the zombies.

Do you know where could I get them?


Ricardo said...

Hm... good question. Not easy to find some good ol' cops but there are a few options.

Gwindel has a couple police officers and detectives -- look for them at the bottom of the page:

Darkmook has one officer in survival set 3:

There are some SWAT cops in compilation #8 from MMIP:

Lastly, there are some shock troopers that may also pass as SWAT in PaperMakeIT (use the search tool from the site to look for "shock trooper"):

Slorm said...

Thanks Ricardo,
The best one is gwindel, but I am looking for "typical" cops, and I can't find them.

I will continue looking for them