Friday, July 6, 2012

After the Horsemen!

After the Horsemen, the post-apocalytic survival game from Two Hour Wargames has just been released. I was really waiting for this since I love post-apoc games, mostly due to fond memories from Fallout.

While the printed book makes its long trip from the US down to here, I'm taking a look at the digital version. With 98 pages, it is not as hefty as 5150: New Beginnings (176 pages) but it's also an immersion game (a mix between RPG and strategy game.) The difference in page count seems to be in part due to the use of a font that takes up more space in 5150:NB and part due to that book's inclusion of alien races and background about New Hope. After the Horsemen, on the other hand, is all about the human survivors.

I'll be leaving on a trip for the next few days so I'll only be able to read the book when I get back. However, a quick glance at the survival-focused campaign system already got me thinking...

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M. Jared Swenson said...

I've seen that game mentioned on a site. I'll be interested to hear your opinion of it when you get back.

I'm new to your site btw, I like what i see here. I even linked you on my site as i talked a little about papercraft.