Sunday, April 21, 2013

What? April is almost over!?

Just a quick update before I reach one full month without visible activity... this month flew by as I am struggling with a lot of administrative tasks, including reports and organization of events.

Anyway, I have been reading Mercenary Air Squadron to try to play a few games, as it seems to have an interesting and different take on solo strategy games. At least compared to the games I know.

I have been preparing to begin my first game with JF's 9Qs, but I still have to organize what I have done in a coherent post.

There is also Larger than Life, the pulp game from Two Hour Wargames. I bought it a couple of months ago, read it all at once and loved every bit... and until now I still have to play a game.

Lastly, I have purchased the new Ganesha Games' Swatters as I was curious about how they would handle groups of figures in larger numbers than the typical skirmish. Since the book includes some advice for solo play, I am in the process of building a simple "playtest" set of trays and figures to play a few games.

So to sum it up: extra work and a lack of focus have resulted in no actual playing lately... hopefully this will change soon.


Jay said...

Look forward to the Larger than Life stuff, I too bought that a few months ago and have been wanting to try something.

Life just far too busy lately, and beyond some boardgames with my local group I haven't had much time for much other gaming.

I did finish building my copy of PocketCiv though, so I might play a game now.

Link for those interested:

Chris said...


I ran across another solo game that might be right up your alley: on Wargamevault is a game by Rebel Minis called "Raptors". For $5 (U.S.) you get the rules and the tiles for the game. The only thing missing are the miniatures, but suitable minis are available at OneMonk.

Best regards,


Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Jay: PocketCiv seems like a really good print and play!

@Chris: the funny thing is I have a post about Raptorz in my drafts list. I played it in MapTool a while ago and it worked well. The movement system from room to room instead of using measurements or squares makes the game go fast. I did not post it yet because I wanted to play it a few more times to make a more detailed review but like I said... lack of focus...

Jay said...

I spotted Raptorz too, as it's another one from Ed at Two Hour Wargames I I'm guessing the usual reaction system?

Thing is, I have a copy of Space Hulk 3rd edition sitting around, and was wondering if I could hack these rules into some sort of solo system for it.

Anyway, as usual too many ideas.

Oh I really recommend PocketCiv, you can play it with just the deck of cards and a pencil and paper, but it's really nice with the board pieces. It's brutal, but fun.