Sunday, February 23, 2014

A modular board inspired by videogame level design

Since I played Borderlands, I have been thinking about how great it would be to play skirmish games in some of its maps, like New Haven and Old Haven. Inspired by those, I have built this board using simple boxes as a first study. I tried to replicate some elements from the game maps, like varying building heights, lack of alignment between them and lack of symmetry between map areas.

This was built in a reduced scale to play measuring centimeters as inches. The board is 36cm x 48cm thus representing an area of 3' x 4'. Here is a picture with some miniatures.

This is also yet another experiment with modular, flat-folding structures. Each board section has the building locations marked, with two slits cut to fit the building bottom flaps. This way, I can reuse the same buildings in different setups. At the same time, I avoid the problem of accidentally pushing the buildings around while playing, which is very frequent when I play at this reduced scale.