Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Post-apocalyptic party

Last week this blog completed four years of existence (and I will save you from comments about how time flies...) Since the first post was a battle report of a Mutants and Death Ray Guns game, and it has been some time since I played it, I decided to start a small campaign. This time I will be using the revised edition, released last year. Although it now officially incorporates a points system, I will stick to the randomized unit creation.

My warband is a "purity squad," being comprised only of humans. They get one less figure than other warbands but have better odds of getting good skills, and start with more equipment.

Instead of drawing the figures, this time I used some 15mm ones that I already had, trying to match them to the rolled characters.
From left to right, they are: Jennifer [Q3+ C2, Slippery, 1 pistol, 1 defoliant grenade], Claude [Q3+ C3, Savage, 1 powered sword, 1 psionicilline], Kate [Q3+ C2, HtH Specialist, javelins], Steve [Q3+ C2, Sharpshooter, 1 frag grenade, 1 pistol]. The band also has 9 food points and 11 energy cells.

The setting
This group is one of the raiding teams of a human settlement ruled by "King" Harlan. Raiding teams venture into the radioactive wasteland, fighting mutants to secure valuable resources. Successful teams gain fame in the settlement and favor with the king, so that is their main motivation.

Besides that, each of the characters has their own motivation. Jennifer is crazy for ancient artifacts and will do anything to secure them. Claude hates mutants and finds it difficult to focus on a mission if he has not defeated at least one yet. Kate believes she could be a good leader for the team. For this reason, she will often try to lead them into battle. Steve is (secretly) in love with Kate, so he will try to show off and protect her.

Campaign rules
I will use the campaign rules as presented in the rule book, but the opposition will be a randomly rolled mutant warband for each scenario. The group will have to face five different, randomly rolled scenarios, at a rate of one per week in game time, for upkeep purposes. Campaign victory requires three scenario wins and at least one of the original characters (Jennifer, Claude, Kate or Steve) survives the five games.

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