Monday, October 6, 2014

Jenkins' Story - Part 7

Here is the report of the next two days in Viper's investigation...

Day 5:
Having found out that Jenkins' list was related to some smuggling scheme, Viper decided to do some research on shipping records and news related to smuggling in the City Hall. However, she spent the whole morning going through files and public records and found nothing. [I rolled a 1 on the "advance the investigation" table, so I must find another object. I rolled the City Hall district for its location, so I came up with this interpretation... anyway, I failed the roll to find the object.]

Viper then decided to go back to Terry Gardner's office and ask him about smuggling deals with Jenkins. However, since her previous invasion and failed attempt at tailing him, the man had added her to the office security's "black list," so she was not even allowed to enter the building. [I rolled a 6 on the "advance the investigation" table: find a person. I rolled an engineer but since I had rolled that profession before, it would be the same person. However, because of my previously failed attempt at tailing him, he would refuse my re-questioning... so this was a failure.]

Running out of options, Viper turned again to the list of names and found a Michael Gilbert, a laborer at a small manufacturing plant. Asking around, she found out that he used to go to a certain tavern in the Spaceport district. She went there late in the evening and found him drinking with two buddies. Feigning interest, she managed to pull him to a corner, where she could press him for information. Michael had bought some "recreational drugs" and some bootleg holovids from Jenkins... still, nothing that would normally motivate an assassination contract. [I rolled a 5 on the "advance the investigation" table, so I would need to find a person. I rolled a laborer and since this was already in the evening, he would be in the Spaceport. This time my questioning roll was a success, so another clue was solved!]

Day 6:
When Viper questioned Michael about Jenkins' other customers, he mentioned an acquaintance -- a waitress called Jean who worked in a restaurant at the City Hall district. Viper did find a Jean Sellers in Jenkins' list of names, so she decided to talk to her on the next day. She arrived at the restaurant before it was open and managed to talk to the girl. She admitted having dealt with Jenkins but didn't add anything new. [At this point I had four solved clues, so from now on I must only find more people to question. I first rolled someone working as wait staff, in a restaurant at the City Hall. The questioning roll was not a failure, but not good enough to solve a clue.]

Since Viper was already in the City Hall district, and Michael mentioned bootleg holovids, she decided to pay a visit to Jenkins' former boss. He was surprisingly cooperative, and didn't know of Jenkins' fate. However, he also did not add anything useful. [For the second part of the day, I rolled a store owner at the City Hall, which led me to this interpretation. Again, a weak questioning roll...]

Jean had mentioned a former co-worker who also had bought some "stuff" from Jenkins. Viper met her alone in a bar at the Pub & Rec district. After some time, she confirmed what Jean had said but didn't seem to know much more about Jenkins. [For the evening, I rolled an NPC working with culinary, to be found in a bar at the Pub & Rec district. And for the third time in a row, I only rolled one more success than the person of interest...]

Viper went back to her tiny apartment, tired and frustrated. Although she was finding more people who had dealt with Jenkins in his smuggling scheme, none of them seemed to have a reason (or the means) to hire a killer... and as the days passed by, any useful tracks would become harder to follow...

To be continued...

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