Saturday, September 12, 2015

Military Installation

After quite a bit of time, here is the third game for the Wasteland Raiders campaign that I started in January. The next scenario is the Military Installation.

The human party currently consists of Steve [Q3+ C2, Sharpshooter, 1 frag grenade, pistol], the only survivor from the starting group, Keith [Q3+ C3, Champion, Savage, NBC suit, flamethrower], Rhonda [Q3+ C2, Sharpshooter, shotgun, javelins], and Alex [Q3+ C2, HtH Specialist, frenzy drug, poison antidote]. They have 16 food points (after consuming last week's upkeep.)

The roll of the dice created a really scary mutationist party this time. Meet Radiak [Q4+ C3, leader, slippery, tough, death ray gun (2 cells)], Speed [Q4+ C3, fear of water, sprint, stealth, frag grenade], Talon [Q4+ C3, allure, poison, slippery], Mask [Q4+ C4, sharpshooter, telekinetic disarm, telekinetic push, SMG], and Dragon [Q4+ C3, energy projection (electrical), slippery].

In this scenario, enemy forces meet in the ruins of a military base. Their main goal is to kill or drive the enemies off the board. However, they also have the opportunity of searching for weapons in the ruins. The bad news is that the ruins may also hide autonomous defense systems...

At the beginning of the battle, both bands advance to the ruins. The mutants want to push with their heavy hitters, while Speed and Talon go around the ruins to ambush the humans. The humans, being relatively weaker, want to rush to the center and try to take out the mutant leader as fast as possible.

As the warriors meet, Rhonda fires her shotgun at Radiak and knocks him down. Before he is able to get up, she fires again, wounding him.

As the fight continues, Steve fires at Mask, knocking him down too. Dragon fires an electric burst at Rhonda, missing. Radiak stands up and avoids a third shot from Rhonda. Steve throws a frag grenade at Dragon's feet, killing him. Radiak is pushed back with the blast. As the other mutants scramble to fight back, Keith runs forward and burns Mask to a crisp [At this point I forgot Keith's savage skill, which would have caused a gruesome kill].

Radiak fires his death ray gun at Rhonda, disintegrating her in a blast of heat and gore [gruesome kill]. Horrified, Keith and Alex run for cover. Speed moves forward and tosses a grenade that lands between the humans. The blast pushes them away but without any serious injury [and that was a very lucky result!]

Recovering from the shock, Keith runs towards Speed and burns him. The remaining mutants decide it's not worth risking their lives and flee -- human victory! [Radiak failed a morale check with 3 dice. Talon failed one check with one die and another with 3 dice.]


This was one of the best solo battles I have played. Having an overall plan for each side was really helpful to decide each character's actions and play them consistently. This resulted in an exciting and uncertain game. The humans were lucky that the mutants had bad activation rolls and that their grenade attack did not kill any of them.

The human party gained an SMG and one energy cell from Mask. The other mutants fled or did not have anything on them. They also recovered Rhonda's shotgun. I used the campaign advance to also make Steve a champion, increasing his combat score to 3. Afterwards, I rolled a new member, Wanda: Q3+ C2 savage, equipped with a laser. She will join the human band for the next battle.

This is the second victory in three games. There are two more games remaining for the campaign, and one more victory is necessary to declare success of the human band.


MajorTheRed said...

I'm glad to see you're back!
Nice skirmish as usual! Thanks to your blog I've started a DBA campaign with paper token, that's a really nice way to have a cheap and portable game.

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Hello MajorTheRed, thanks for the comment! I hope your campaign goes well :)