Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My first regiments for Morale Napoleon

A brief interlude from the MOTH games: I have been putting together some figures in preparation to play Morale Napoleon. These are the results:

All the figures are from Walkerloo Print-Fantry. The ones on the left are from the "Les Grognards: Old Guard Grenadiers" set, while the ones on the right are from the "Coldstream Guards" set. All of them were printed at 30% scale, resulting in figures that are 15mm tall (from foot to eye level), then placed in sets of 4 on 60mm x 20mm bases -- the standard for infantry battalions in Morale Napoleon.

I still have to try a few battles in MapTool to get a better feel of how many more stands I will need to play the game.


Ivan Sorensen said...

Is this your first foray into black powder gaming? :)

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Yeah! Which means most of the time I have the feeling that I don't know what I'm doing and I should look for more information about how the battles were fought etc. :)