Saturday, June 11, 2011

Foamcore finally!

I've finally got some foamcore, and found out it's called "papel pluma" here in Brazil. I got it as a very large (about 1m x 1m) sheet 4mm thick. So now I can finally try to make the foamcore miniature bases that some people on Cardboard Warriors use. I cut some 1" square bases with a slit across the middle, based on Okumart's instructions in the Whiplash Trigger sets. The minis fit very well and the base remains relatively flat. Then I tried applying some green paint to them, and here's the result.

I still have to try printing some textures and gluing to the foamcore, as well as cutting the bases in hex or octagon shapes, but at least now I have the material.


Parduz said...

Eheh... it tooks me 3 years to find the foamcore, here.... until i discovered that
1) it is called "Laminil" or "Polyplat"... names that means nothing...
2) The only place i know is a high-cost stationery shop near to the fine-arts university.

It may sound bad, but i'm happy to see i'm not the only one struggling to find it :) :P

Ricardo said...

Heh the place I found is a stationery shop that sells supplies to architecture students to build models.