Sunday, June 19, 2011

Industrial zone

Since I play mostly solo and I have many modern/sci-fi 28mm games on my "review playlist," I decided to build a reduced-scale industrial zone board. Basically, it uses TopoSolitario's industrial zone terrain, IKubes and containers, plus some models from Dave Graffam and Finger and Toe. Everything is printed at 50% scale, including miniatures, so in the end I have a 2'x1.5' board that I can use as if it was a 4'x3' table -- as long as I divide all lengths by two (or measure things using "half inches" instead of inches... it wouldn't be hard to create a measuring tape for this, heh.)
Even if I didn't have the space restrictions to set up a 4'x3' table (and store all the models afterwards) this mini-board will be very practical for solo play. The board folds in half and all the buildings and minis will fit in a single small box. It's easy to reach any point of the board or even spin it around.
I still have to make a few more buildings to be able to have many different configurations on the board, as well as more miniatures. The ones shown in these pictures are from Slick's Miniatures (NCC ODAT troopers) and OneMonk (TerraForce Elite Marines and Urban Ops Veterans.)
Why have all this trouble instead of simply using 15mm miniatures and terrain? Well, the 15mm minis that I have (in paper or metal) use plastic round bases that are about 20mm in diameter. It would be OK to improvise with them halving distances, but when you consider scale, that would be the same as playing with 28mm miniatures with 40mm bases -- far larger than the usual 25mm and possibly enough to make the rules feel different. More than that, however, I've been wanting to build a board with TopoSolitario's terrain for a while, and this was a good excuse...

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