Monday, July 11, 2011

Customizing some plastic minis

Yesterday I went to our local games convention... I regret to comment that it used to be better, but it's still better than no convention at all. Anyway, I grabbed a bunch of old Clix models for a reasonable price (that is, when considering prices of miniatures around here.) The idea is to build two sets to play ShadowSea-inspired games: a set of eight "natives" including lizardmen and amazons, and a set of eight "invaders" with some steam robots, armors and a conquistador. Initially I split them into two groups: the ones that could get by with only a few adjustments and the ones in need of a full repaint.
 Always keeping in mind that what I want is "tabletop-worthy" quality, nothing more (heh, possibly lower than "tabletop-worthy" for Cool Mini Or Not standards) here are the ones that I intend to make smaller adjustments. I plan to start with the lizardmen, which I think are really OK, and just add a few details. I might end up repainting the four robots/armors to give them a consistent look...
After everything is done, I plan to cover the base slots with putty, paint them and add some grass, possibly in two different textures for the two groups. Hopefully, everything will be done in the next few days, taking advantage of my vacation.

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