Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pulp terrain pieces

I've been building some terrain pieces in 28mm scale, which I intend to use in both ShadowSea-inspired games as well as pulp adventures: pre-historic jungles, swamps, ancient ruins...
The materials used were mostly Lord ZseZse Works' Ancient Worlds set, Puka Shell Games' Terrain Pack (for the grass texture on the campground), a plastic potted plant and some epoxy, foamies and hot glue for modeling. The bases are 1.5mm thick cardstock or 4mm thick foamcore in the case of the campground.
The campfire was inspired by this simply awesome article on modeling burning tires and oildrums, although my results don't do it justice.
I was amazed at the texture quality from Lord Zse Zse Works' product. These columns were easy to build, fit perfectly and they will look great as obstacles or hiding spots in a game.
I still plan on building the temple from Lord ZseZse, plus some ruins with a sacrificial altar using Finger and Toe Models' Lost City blocks but these will take time.

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