Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Platform Command build

I got the three Platform Command sets from WorldworksGames in their sale at the end of the year. My intention is to build some terrain pieces in reduced scale but since some parts seem a little complex, I decided to start making a hover truck from the Battlegrounds expansion, in regular size. This would allow me to get used to the kinds of folds etc. preferred by the designer.

It took me a couple of hours to carefully cut and build, but here is the result, along with one mini from the Red Sector expansion.

What I love in WorldWorksGames sets is the amount of detail in their texturing. Their instructions for this model were perfect and I even added the rocket launchers based on one of the photos in the manual.

I am tempted to spray a layer of sealant over this and put it on my work desk... it is a pity I do not have room to make many of these in regular size. I can imagine gaming with vehicles and terrain like this.

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