Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Year Anniversary!

Today this blog completes two years since the first post! To celebrate this I am making a humble prize giveaway: a US$15 gift certificate for WargameVault along with a custom paper miniature design, to the best of my abilities, to the winner's specifications. Some of my previous designs can be found here.

To enter this prize draw, just leave a comment in this post stating that you want to participate, until January 31. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on February 1st.

UPDATE: if you are having trouble with the comments system on Blogger, you can also enter the prize draw by posting in this thread on Cardboard Warriors until that date.

About the prizes

For the paper mini, the winner shall send me a description and possibly some visual references. Pick a scale (28mm, 15mm etc.) I will make a paper miniature with front and back, in color and black and white versions. Depending on the request I might be able to make some variants. What I cannot do is to create a paper version of an existing miniature from any manufacturer, for ethical and legal reasons. Keep in mind  I am not a professional artist but I will do my best to make a good-looking miniature. The resulting miniature will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. I intend to deliver the miniature within 15 days, possibly earlier since I will be on vacation.

The gift certificate will be sent through WargameVault. I will need the e-mail address of the winner to send it. The person will then need an account on that electronic store to be able to spend the certificate.

Terms and Conditions

Entrants to the giveaway must comply with their local legislation -- for instance, if their local laws forbid entering this kind of contest or if there is a minimum age for doing so, it is up to the entrant to adhere to them.

Determination of winner will be performed by using the List Randomizer of Random.org, available at the URL http://www.random.org/lists/. The names or nicknames (as presented in the comments) of all entrants will be entered in alphabetical order and the list order will be randomized, with the first name in the list picked as the winner.

Notification of the winner will be done by a post in this blog. If the winner does not contact me in ten days, the second name on the aforementioned randomized list will be picked as the new winner. If the new winner does not contact me in ten days, the contest will be cancelled.


Randy said...

Congratulations! OldSchoolDM

Sean said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Put my name in for the contest. I would be honored to win one of your designs, in 1/72 or 20mm scale. Thanks for posting a link to your designs.

Jay said...

Nice one, always inspired by your blog. Please enter me in the contest.



Sloth said...

Congrats on the 2nd year!

Ryan VDK said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Tony said...

Hey there! Congrats on two great years. I have been enjoying your posts for several months now. Please enter me in your contest

Topher Kohan said...

Congrats Big Fan!

mproteau said...

Glad to have found your blog! It's motivational to see other builds.

Oh,and thanks for doing a prize drawing. Mighty kind of you!

Chris said...

I just joined today, but did not know about this until just now--yes, please put my name in the pot!


Chris Johnson

Pastor Beau said...

Happy 2 year anniversary!