Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fantasy miniatures made in Brazil

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched here in Brazil for a fantasy skirmish game and accompanying miniatures. The creators are Riachuelo Games, a small local company that has been making wargames and miniatures in small production scales for a while. Here is a teaser video that shows some of the miniatures and sculpts:

The Fields of Gore system is relatively simple, at least in the preview rules that have been released (files here, in portuguese only.) Game turns are split into Initiative, Action and Combat phases. The Action phase is split in three sub-phases: movement, ranged attacks and spellcasting. The order of these is determined by the player who won initiative. In each phase (and sub-phase), one player acts with all their miniatures before passing control to the next one. Combat resolution usually involves rolling two dice. For ranged attacks, one die is used for a to-hit check, while the dice total (in both melee and ranged) is used to check armor penetration. Basic units have a single hit point, while some heavy units and heroes have more.

This is something big around here. Currently, modern board games are becoming more popular, and local companies are releasing new games and translated imports. If this campaign is successful, it might spark more interest in miniature gaming too.

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