Sunday, March 1, 2015

Origami Dice

This is not something new, but I only learned about it a few days ago as I looked for print and play games. How about creating custom dice made of origami parts? They are quite fun to make and also very sturdy. Here is the BoardgameGeek topic where I learned how to make them.

This seems to be a variant of the Sonobe modular origami units that are used to make many different shapes (here is another link showing how to build the modules.)

I have created templates for Five Core, as well as scatter and decision dice. They can be found in the downloads page. The templates were based on the blank template made by Daniel Ajoy and the images were obtained from

Note: It is important to use thin paper to build these dice, as they require quite a bit of folding. I have found two approaches for assembling the six modules into the die:
1) Make an open box with five of the modules. Connect the tips of the tabs of remaining module and the box and slowly push them together.
2) Make two box pieces with three modules each, then connect them together.


Ivan Sorensen said...

Okay, Origami dice is clever and I love the faces for the Task dice. Nicely done :-)

Mind if I share the link on my blog?

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Hi Ivan, feel free to share!