Friday, April 24, 2015

Full Thrust (Lite)

Just a quick update: today I finally had my first test game of Full Thrust, using the "lite" version, which uses a simpler movement system and only features lasers and energy torpedoes. I made some very simple starship counters and a turning tool to help maneuvering.

Surprisingly, the game worked pretty well on a 90cm x 60cm table, even measuring ranges in inches. Granted, there were only three ships on each side (two light cruisers and one heavy cruiser.) This made maneuvering very important and combat quite deadly, as the ships were often close and thus able to fire all weapons at top power.

I will leave a "first impressions" to another time, after I have played the full rules. So far, I can see why this game remains popular among those who like space combat games.

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