Sunday, May 10, 2015

A bunch of other paper minis in 6mm scale

Today I went back to the project of using reduced Armor Grid miniatures, printed at 40% of their original size, as 6mm forces in games such as Strike Legion and 5150 Battalion Commander (previously I built some at 50% scale but 40% makes infantry size correct.)

I used the uncolored versions as I now have access only to a monochrome laser printer. I am still unsure if I will print them in colored paper or try to color them by hand.

Instead of assembling the infantry stands in a cross formation (which is mounted on an hexagonal base in Armor Grid), I simply folded each troop piece and glued them to a 1.5" x 0.5" base. For a command stand, I would use the original formation.

The light mechs were surprisingly easy to build, as I would only cut an approximate contour, while at the original scale I would spend a long time making every little cut precisely.

So this is it, any comments are welcome. I have some plans to run a short sci-fi campaign with some of these miniatures...


Wouter Wolput said...

I think you should colour them by hand. Some watered down paint may do wonders.
The miniatures look remarkably well and it is a great idea!

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Thanks for the comment! I was thinking about using sharpies or color pencils but now that you mention it, maybe applying a sealing base and then painting would also work...

Chris said...

Very nice! I bought Armor Grid awhile ago, right before I started putting together some micro-scale set-ups to take on vacation. It never occurred to me to combine the two. Thanks!

Best regards,