Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flash Point

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my copy of Flash Point, a cooperative board game of firefighters trying to rescue victims trapped in a house on fire, before they perish or the house crumbles.

My first solo game of Flash Point, in "family mode": fires raging, building about to crumble...
In 2011 (time flies!) I wrote about non-combat scenarios in miniature games and sketched some house rules for emergency response teams in Chain Reaction. Flash Point does that very nicely with a modular set of rules: there is a basic set of actions for the "family game" that are supplemented by advanced rules. Players have a number of action points to spend moving their units, opening doors, putting out fires, and rescuing victims.

Playing in advanced mode: the building crumbles while I was rescuing the fifth victim (out of seven).
The board is used as a scenario for this rules framework -- It should not be very hard to create your own custom boards and the game designer encourages players to come up with new rules and variations at the end of the manual. Overall, a fun and challenging, solo-friendly board game.

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