Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween and zombies

Today I played a zombies game for Halloween. The rules are based on All Things Zombie, with some ideas from the "I, Zombie" supplement and also from the "Trick or T(h)reat" mission from Zombicide.

Two survivors, Jack (rep 5 star) and Stan (rep 4), both carrying shotguns, are looking for supplies an abandoned neighborhood. What they do not know is that a mutated zombie is also lurking around. There are six buildings in the map and upon entering them a card is drawn: a number means the building is empty; a face card means supplies have been found; the ace means the mutant zombie appears.
From left to right: Jack, the Muant Zombie and Stan. Shotguns are a blessing and a curse in All Things Zombie, as they can draw a lot of undead after each shot.
The mutant zombie has Rep 4, can move 8" (but cannot fast move) and activates after all normal zombies. When active, it moves towards the closest target. It automatically defeats zombies in melee, and rolls 4 dice when fighting survivors. It cannot be defeated; when an "out of the fight" or "obviously dead" result is rolled, it is stunned and must pass 2d6 when next active to recover.

To win, the survivors have to find at least two supply cards and get away from the board. Here is the initial setup, already with the first zombies placed.
Surrounded by zombies!
Initially, Jack and Stan fired their weapons at the zombies to their left and right, destroying four of them. This attracted more zombies and they had to fight some in melee but after a couple of turns, they managed to enter the first building, only to find it empty. The second building revealed the Mutant Zombie, but luckily they activated first and moved away from it.

The two survivors reached the third building but the mutant also reached them. Stan was taken out of the fight and Jack entered the building. Inside, he fought the mutant and stunned it, then escaped with the supplies and also carried Stan.

Jack won the melee by a single success...
Since the mutant failed its recovery rolls, Jack entered another building, finding more supplies. Later, the mutant zombie resumed chasing him, but he was already close to the exit.

This was a quick and simple game. To make the scenario more challenging, I would require the survivors to leave the board by the same edge they entered.

Today I also managed to paint and build some miniatures but that will be the subject of other posts.

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