Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Battle for Zorpel: Liberation?

This is report #6 on the Battle for Zorpel.

This was part of an offensive action to take back a settlement invaded by the skelebots. As they were losing ground, the robots started destroying equipment and infrastructure. The colonist team must shut down the power generators [by contacting the green and blue buildings] before the skelebots could damage them [by suppressing the blue and yellow buildings.]
Board setup, with randomly generated terrain, objectives and starting edges.
The human team consists of: Ford - level 1 rifleman (1 Grenade), Harry - level 2 heavy (Ammo pack, Dodge), Igor - level 0 grunt, James - level 0 grunt.

The skelebots include a leader - level 2 commander (+1 Morale, Counter move), 2 advanced skelebots - level 1 Assault (+1 Brawl) and 2 skelebot grunts.

[Note: I was reading the class advancement tables in Five Core like the ones in D&D, e.g. level and benefit, and only now I figured they were probably meant to be used with random rolls. Still, I will keep using them the wrong way on this campaign.]

The skelebots started shooting at the nearest building. Ford ran to the blue building while Harry covered him from the ruins. The new recruits rushed to the green building. They managed to shut down both generators before they could be damaged.

One of the advanced skelebots charged Ford but was suppressed by Harry. He, in turn, was taken down by the skelebot leader. The other skelebots moved around the buildings and shot Ford and the recruits down.
A couple of turns and the game was nearly over!
Igor and James recovered and ran away, dodging the enemy fire. Ford and and Harry were captured by the skelebots.

A victory for the skelebots, 9 points vs. 5 points. This was a priority mission, and failing at it caused a greater impact on the war effort. Current campaign progress is at -2. The next mission will be a standard military mission. James gained experience, becoming a scout.

In hindsight, it was a bad idea to put the more experienced soldiers in risk. Originally, the plan was to use their grenade and ammo pack to suppress or even destroy some of the robots. However, I rolled a scurry turn and decided to try and run for the objectives instead.

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Ivan Sorensen said...

I figured it'd be random rolls as standard, but we've done games where we just assigned what seemed to make the most sense :-)