Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Vagrant - leaving New Hope

"Captain's log #0192," Winston paused to hold a chuckle. "We are on our way to Letos II, after contact with what I suppose were Hishen slavers." Pingh sighed, "You suppose? In the Hishen navy this statement would get you punished! After all this time, you still find it funny to play captain of the ship?" The Hishen twitched his small hands in the air. "Why don't you go check on our passenger?", Winston answered in an annoyed tone. Pingh didn't answer as he left the bridge.

This is the first report on the Vagrant campaign. Our crew started in New Hope City, after a failed meeting with someone who would buy the data pack from Winston.

Month #1
While Winston's team decided what to do, he received a call from someone who might be interested in the data he was selling. [ This was a random event: a Chillin' encounter at a Low End tavern. ] Winston was not sure what this was about, but ended going to the meeting alone. On the way, he met a Xeog named Kay who also seemed to be looking for work but was not impressed by Winston's talk.
The meeting place was named "Astra," a dirty tavern in the Low End district. Winston ordered a drink and waited a couple of hours -- nothing.

As he left, late in the night, a ganger tried to rob Winston. The young bandit was nervous, firing his pistol before Winston could try anything. Luckily, he missed and Winston fired back. He didn't bother to check if the guy was dead. A few days later, the police interrogated him about the crime but let him go.

Later in the month, Winston got a job with a Transporter. Apparently, a fellow investigative reporter, a Hishen name Keorn, needed to go to Letos II but didn't want to use a regular passenger ship. Letos was on the 5th ring, hot in the dispute between Gaea Prime and the Hishen. Still, the pay would be good and Winston was getting tired of New Hope, so he accepted the deal.

The Vagrant - a Transport-class ship
Month #2
While preparing for the travel to Letos II, Winston was called again for an interrogation by the police about some random crime in the Low End district. Maybe he got into their suspects list after the shoot out with the robber...

Finally, the crew set out to Sector 1 of the 3rd Ring, a necessary step to jump out to the 5th Ring. On their way, they met a Gaea Prime trader ship and a Star Navy cutter. In both cases, Winston's charismatic personality allowed him to avoid any trouble. [ The ships were due to the resolution of possible enemy forces for the month. ]

Month #3
Before they could make the jump, the Vagrant was intercepted by a Gaea Prime military ship. Winston transferred the ship's and crew records, knowing that these patrols were more concerned with pirates and infiltrators. Still, all this contact with Gaea Prime ships made Keorn anxious.

The team finally jumped into the 5th Ring, and Letos II was in Sector 1 (the same as the jump gate.) On the last leg of the journey, they were greeted by the independent businessmen that roam the space farther from Gaea Prime domain. First, a small Zhuh-Zhuh pirate ship approached them but somehow Winston managed to intimidate them into looking elsewhere for prey. Then a Hishen trade ship approached. Tanya detected their scanners inspecting the Vagrant. Not to take any chances, Pingh passed for ship's Captain and dismissed them.

For now, Winston's lifetime total rep dice remains at zero but that should change after he arrives at Letos II.

Only as I was writing this report I noticed that the player can keep resolving PEFs during a Chillin' encounter -- so it is still possible to find someone interested in selling or buying contraband even if the original contact was not found. Of course, this makes things more risky...


Ivan Sorensen said...

Very eager to see how this plays out :)

Fitz-Badger said...

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I am enjoying this! It has a very nice "space opera" feel, with undertones of "film noir".

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Thanks for the comments!