Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exterminator Jack

Here's the model I created for the Papercut Awards 2011. Since the contest is over, I thought I'd post the model here. It's a 28mm scale 2.5D multi-part model that I named "Exterminator Jack." Equally fit for a zombie apocalypse or post-holocaust sci-fi setting, with his plasma thrower. Some textures were obtained from and the figure was drawn in good ol' Gimp.

Here is the printable sheet in 300dpi. The red lines indicate places that should be scored and folded. For a great paper modeling guide, check this link (Dave's Games) at the top of the page.


JF said...

Mine! Thanks! Love the backpack!

Slorm said...

Well, I am not a 2.5 D fan. but I think that you have done a very good work.

I will print it and paste as 2D

Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comments!

It shouldn't be very hard to mod the figure to 2D. I'd try to reduce the length of the left arm (with a little bit of cut and paste) so that it doesn't have to be folded to glue to the front handle of the gun.