Friday, October 28, 2011

Grey City Building Templates

After a recent comment I realized that I never posted the templates for the buildings of the Grey City campaign. Here they are, in PNG format, which should be easy to modify by coloring, adding textures etc. All of these should be printable in either A4 or Letter format sheets of paper. There's a total of six templates.

The first three buildings take a single printed sheet each. By modding the storefronts (and the side window in the case of the deli) it's possible to use them as "building blocks" for a larger city.

The two-story buildings will require two sheets each to print. There's two basic styles, a residential building with optional fire escape and a commercial building with an apartment upstairs.

Lastly, here's the template for a building with an interior. There are optional shelves and a counter, which are actually a little fiddly to build.

These buildings were originally designed to fold flat by removing the roofs. At this time I didn't know of the technique of adding a tab to the bottom of the walls to keep them straight, so I'd advise using cardstock to reduce the amount of buckling (especially if placing minis on the rooftops).

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