Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gangers just wanna have fun

For my second shot at 5150: New Beginnings I created a ganger star and hired a bunch of other gangers as his crew. Meet Fingers, Chrome, Bigmouth, Vicky, Viper, and Thunder. For his voluntary encounter, Fingers interviewed with an entertainer, Nova Corp (a mega corporation) and the Gaea Prime government. Not only he failed at all three but the mega corp and the government won't ever even interview him. Ouch...

So, without an employer and with five gangers itching for action, Fingers decided to raid a building that is used by the Skulz gang. The place is located in the Lower Income neighborhood of the city and they will raid it in the evening. The objective is to hurt as many gangers as possible and to steal any stims found in the building (roll of a 6 when entering a building section, requires a character to search instead of taking active fire, cannot be done while involved in a firefight or melee.) Using the Raid encounter from the book as a reference, I rolled for seven basic gangers with one standing guard outside of the building and the other six organized into two PEFs (possible enemy forces) inside the building.

The lookout noticed Fingers and company when he activated, and that caused an In Sight test. Fingers and the lookout acted simultaneously, resulting in Viper getting stunned and the lookout taken out of the fight.

The PEFs started to move towards the building's external door and sirens could be heard in the distance, indicating that the police was arriving. Leaving Viper behind, the rest of the gangers entered the building. I rolled for First Contact with no incidents (which was lucky given my low intel level.) So the two PEFs, which by that time were in the middle of the building, were resolved into the enemy gang members and a new In Sight test was made.

Fingers acted first, taking down one of the Skulz with his shotgun. Then a lot of simultaneous shots were taken and when the dust settled, most gangers from both sides had ducked back. Bigmouth ducked back into the streets. On the following turn Thunder was killed with a shot to the head and Fingers ducked back to reload his shotgun.

Meanwhile, the cops arrived and found Bigmouth standing beside the bleeding ganger. He tried to run but was shot down, and the cops called for reinforcements. Viper, who had recovered from the stun and was near the map edge, simply ran away.

When Fingers and Chrome left the building, there were four cops waiting for them. Chrome started shooting at them, prompting for another In Sight test. He was killed but Fingers took down two cops making the other two run for cover behind their police cruisers.

Fingers took the opportunity to run away (getting an excellent Fast Move roll) and none too soon, as another police cruiser arrived right after that.

Vicky was arrested and tried for brandishing a weapon and mayhem but was considered not guilty as her lawyer managed to prove that she acted in self-defense (ha!) Surprisingly, she's still in the gang. Bigmouth, Chrome and Thunder didn't survive and Viper decided to leave. And Fingers... well, Fingers escaped but now he has a warrant for resisting arrest and murdering two police officers. A complete mess from what should have been "just" a raid on another gang.

I rolled for the involuntary encounter of the month but didn't get anything (not even an arrest attempt) so the next encounter will involve Fingers trying to hire new members for the gang.


Mats Lintonsson said...

Thank you for this write-up! Nice reading! =)

This 5150 game, it is a solitaire/coop game, right? One play against the game system (seems to be called 'Reaction System') from what I can tell. It has caught my attention, but don't find very much details about the game.

Anyway, thanks again for your detailed battle report!

Best regards,

Ricardo said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. I like the reaction system games due to their playability as solo games.

In my opinion, 5150 New Beginnings and All Things Zombie are more suited to solo or coop play but other titles such as 5150 Star Army and Nuts! are just as playable in a competitive scenario (in the case of Nuts!, that's just based on what I've read in the disussion group at

Mats Lintonsson said...

Thank you Ricardo. I will have to check these games out. The 5150 game certainly looks interesting.