Friday, February 17, 2012

A Decade of Chain Reaction

As JF already pointed out, Ed Teixeira has released the "final version" of Chain Reaction 3.0, a free game based on the reaction system used in other Two Hour Wargame products. By the way, it has been reorganized like the more recent books (such as 5150 Star Army) making it easier to learn and to find information in it.

When the announcement was made on the discussion group, I learned that the first version of the game, released in 2002 as "Guns and Girls," was also available for the subscribers of the group. Reading through "Guns and Girls" it was possible to see how the system has evolved in the ten years since its first release. Many of the core ideas were already there, but a lot of streamlining (in a good way) has taken place to make the game more fluid and coherent. At the end of the book there are rules for a "wasteland campaign game," which made me even more eager to see the release of After the Horsemen.

Being in the miniature wargaming hobby for about one year, and playing mostly solo, I have found the Two Hour Wargames titles to be steady companions. For some people, it may take too much control away from the player's hand but for me the result tends to be amusing and unpredictable conflicts. I intend to play and post some games using Chain Reaction (maybe a small campaign) to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.


Kobayachimaru said...

Can't wait to read it.

Slorm said...

Very good idea, I think that the campaign are very good for the health of the wargamers.

And when you don't have too much time to play, or nobody to play, THW games are a very good choice

Kurt said...

I always felt that the THW rules have been revolutionary especially for solo gamers. Much of CR3 can be applied to any non-solo rules to make them solo.

For example you can insert PEFs and the reaction tables in Song of Blades and have NPC movement. It's already done for you.

Ricardo said...

@Kobayachimaru: I think I have found the theme for the campaign. Now I have to cut some paper minis.

@Slorm and Kurt: I couldn't agree more.

Slorm said...

Wow, these comments have given me an idea to write a post in my blog :)


THW isn't exclusive, is the salt and pepper for any solo wargame


Slorm said...


Kurt said...

Just to follow up on my comments, the PEF mechanic can be used with any rule set. This gives you an instant encounter that will play differently everytime.

If you want a more peaceful mechanic and a little more RPG feel, you can play the Chillin encouunter found in I Zombie or New Beginnings.

If you want NPC/AI movement in Song of Blades Heroes you can use the tables on NPC movement from WHAA.

I was even looking at the the Traveller rules the other night, you can use the tables from New Beginnings to generate encounters.

Even the campaign system in CR3, WHAA or I Zombie can be applied to any game.

Any talk about how to play a game solo is pretty much over. All you need is CR3.