Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My first Lost Reich model

Today I've built my first model from the Lost Reich game by Fat Dragon Games. It took me a little over two hours as the model seems simple but there are quite a few spots where it's possible to mess up its assembly.

The guns ended a little skewed to the model's left and the legs are a little misaligned, not to mention the model ended up glued a little off-center. None of these destroy the model's appearance but I was caught by surprise as I expected it to be easier to make.

Personally, I bought this more for the models than the game. The box-like designs fit well with the "weird war" concept and the models are scaled to 15mm minis. The one I assembled stands a little over 3in. tall. In the following picture, I've placed some 15mm lead minis (that I bought, primed but never painted) for comparison.

As for the game rules, it uses an alternating activation scheme with a limited number of activations per turn. Combat is resolved by rolling off attack and defense dice and checking successes on a table. In my opinion, a rather basic system, although I still have to playtest it to say for sure. I might use the supplied tokens, as building a sizable mech army will probably take longer than I'd like.

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