Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Girls at War

As a reference to the original "Guns and Girls," the theme for my mini campaign usign Chain Reaction Final Version (CRFV) will be "War in the Planet of the Amazons." Somewhere in the universe, a civilization of independent, combative women is torn apart by civil war. As a result, two separate empires rise and years later, they start fighting again for territory and resources.

For miniatures, I'm using Jenny McKenzie's awesome 15mm little girls. She's been making these paper miniatures since 2009 and they are surprisingly detailed and varied. More specifically, I have built some of the Chalactan Frontier Force and Mexeluine National Guard, which are respectively clad in blue and red.

In the campaign, I'm in control of a small group of  Mexeluine soldiers guarding the borders of their empire. This is the beginning of the war and both sides are probing for information, so there are lots of small actions involving infiltration and reconnaissance, not a full-scale invasion. Using the recruiting rules from CRFV, I'm starting with a rep 5 star and four other soldiers. Here they are, from left to right: Aleta (rep 5 star, with assault rifle and machete), Bibiana (rep 4, with SMG), Constanza (rep 4, with grenade and assault rifle), Delfina (rep 4, with shotgun) and Ercilia (rep 4 with assault rifle and bayonet.)

Well, that's it for now. Coming next: the first patrol mission...


Spacejacker said...

Very imaginative and inspiring!

Kurt said...

I like how you leave a little white border around your figures.

Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Kurt: I think they show better in the photos this way. I tried cutting closer to the contour and filling the white space with a black marker but then they look too dark.