Friday, December 28, 2012

Back to paper modeling at last!

Today I finally spared some time to print and build paper models and minis. Here's a small "diorama" using Grey Matter Games' Camel, Slick's Minis modern soldiers and a crate from Finger and Toe Models, built in 15mm scale for my work desk:

A view from the opposite angle. I still have to do something with the foamboard base (maybe paint it black? Cover with tape?) to remove that rough look.

For the minis, I used a double sided tape that has a layer of "foam" in it. It is a technique suggested by Parduz at the Cardboard Warriors forum and I like the results: especially at this reduced scale the thick minis feel a little more "three-dimensional."

I also printed a full-size version of the Camel but I still have to finish building it so for now that's it.


Sean said...

Nice work. I think just painting the base edge black or gray will look fine. Happy New Year!

Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comment, Sean! I'll try painting it in some dark gray tone.

Chris said...

Hidden away among the offerings at Wargame Vault is a gem entitled "Monster of the Game Mat: Alien Assault". For the trifling sum of $.50 USD, you get two complete paper armies which include infantry with a variety of weapons and a heavy mech, plus a smoke screen, sandbags, and buildings!

I bought my copy last year, and consider it the best fifty cents I ever spent.

Best regards,


Ricardo said...

Hey Chris, thanks for reminding me of this. I got the Total Chaos pack some time ago and I had forgotten about these soldiers. They will be perfect for some armies I'm making at reduced scale!