Thursday, December 20, 2012

Survival Horror

The Survival Horror Tabletop Game by Darkmook Paper Miniatures was released in November and I picked it up today, along with the Nick-Mall Santa free bonus figure.

The rules take up six pages and from a first read the game seems to require a bit of bookkeeping but I'll only be sure after I actually play a few times. Besides the rules and tiles, the game also includes lots of markers and dozens of figures -- zombies and survivors.

In this game players control either human survivors or the zombie horde. The game's description say it is fit for one or more players so this might be my solo print and play project for my vacations. The game is about exploring a variable, tile-based map to reach the objective tile with the proper items that allow you to escape. The game includes two scenarios based on the included tiles.

1 comment:

tech66 said...

It kind of sounds like Zombie in My Pocket.

But $14.95 for 6 pages or rules and 50 +/- pages of game materials is a bit of the expensive side.

I do love DARKMOOK's artwork/miniatures but still $14.95?

I will be interested in to hear your thoughts on it's play-ability.