Saturday, October 4, 2014

Five Core: Get to the van!

Today I played a game using Five Core and the Heroes and Horrors supplement. Three survivors (one of them a Hero) must get to a van across the table, to escape a town infested with zombies. Here are the survivors, from left to right: Ben (no skills / armed with a rifle), Roland (hero / skills: infiltrator, overwatch / armed with a rifle), and James (no skills / armed with baseball bat.)

And this is the starting board: I placed the survivors near the left edge and spread five zombies across the board.

Third turn: I roll a "shuffle" for the zombies. Five new zombies appear on the left board edge!

The survivors advance and two zombies get close, but Roland does not flinch. He snap fires but the bullet does not cause any effect. I decide to use the "Moment" and the hero and fires twice... but both shots are wasted.

Another "shuffle" turn brings two more zombies from the top edge. After that, I roll a scurry. Roland, being a hero, moves and fires. Almost there.

The zombies roll a "rage" turn. A zombie approaches Ben, he passes the shock roll and snap fires, destroying it. Another zombie approaches James, he fails the shock roll and runs towards the van. I roll a "firefight" turn but all shots miss. A zombie charges Ben but Roland snap fires and destroys it. After that, the trio reaches the van. Mission complete!

This was a fun and fast game, taking about 50 minutes to play (including pauses to check the rules for heroes and undead.) Hero characters do make a lot of difference, especially because they can activate every turn.

As for the zombies, I should have placed more of them on the board at the start, so that it would not be as easy to maneuver around them as I did. On the other hand, I was lucky on some rolls, especially when snap firing.


Ivan Sorensen said...

Looks like a fun game and everyone made it :)

How many zombies to place is always hard for me. Too few and the game is a cake walk but a few too many and if things go pear-shaped, the crew get swarmed.

I tend to lean towards "a few more than you think" since I don't mind if the humans don't make it.

How did you like the Hero option?

Ricardo Nakamura said...

Yes, it was a fun game! I think the hero was a bit too powerful in this game, because zombies don't shoot back. Against other opponents, I think there would be no problems.