Friday, February 27, 2015

Surprise update!

I get home from work... what's this, a box from the USA?

Could it be... yes! My copy of Torn Armor has arrived!

High quality components and plastic insert :)

This is just one of the eight two-sided poster maps included with the game.

I am really happy this has arrived. After the problems with the plastic miniatures, the project has moved ahead and it is so cool to see it materialized. I certainly do not have issues with playing with paper miniatures and if/when the plastic ones come out, it will be a great bonus.

I will try to post some first impressions about the game soon. Given that the game is heavily scenario-driven, it might work well solo.

1 comment:

Ivan Sorensen said...

Certainly has impressive production values. Will be curious to hear how the game itself flows.