Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Painted paper starships

Previously I wrote about the paper starships I was building to play space games. Last weekend I finally painted and mounted them on stands.
The ships, made of thick cardstock, and stands made of toothpicks and foamcore.
I picked up two simple and contrasting color schemes, mostly for visibility on the table.
However, placing blue starships over a blue cutting mat was not the greatest idea.
And here are the results. The ships were glued to the stands with a mix of superglue and white glue.
The two small fleets ready to fight.
Now I am almost ready to play Full Thrust and other games. I just have to get a sheet or two of black cardstock to use as a playing area. I still need to flash, prime and then paint my metal starships too. However I am thinking of using blue-gray and green-gray color schemes on them.

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Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent work! It's interesting how they are made of layered cardstock.