Thursday, February 23, 2017

Battle for Threnger: The control outpost

This is the third battle using the MOTH rules for the 6x6 Challenge. Now, the Canlaster forces must take control of the enemy control outpost.

Recently, as I was cleaning and sorting some old stuff, I found these Tente bits that are almost 30 years old. So I used them to make the control outpost.

In the first game, Canlaster lost many troops while invading enemy territory. Then in the second game, it was the Yordan forces which suffered heavy losses. Thus the third game should be balanced; I decided that each side would have two squads of six soldiers each. Here is the board setup.

To win, Canlaster must eliminate the opposition or stay in contact with the control outpost while no enemy forces are closer than 4 inches from the outpost. As the battle began, the Yordan defenders took cover in nearby hills and forests, while the Canlaster squads advanced. Soon, they started to exchange fire, but all Canlaster forces focused on a single enemy squad.

The attack was successful and it did not take long before both enemy squads were defeated. At this point, I considered that Canlaster had won, rather than chase the few remaining enemy soldiers.

In summary, after losing soldiers in game #1, Platoon 31 managed to take over the enemy outpost. This should help Platoon 24 on their way out in game #4.

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