Sunday, February 5, 2017

MOTH for the 6x6 Challenge

To get started with the 6x6 challenge, I have read the MOTH rules again and played a couple of test games. The solo system provided with the game is interesting: it gives a general plan for the enemy and allows some variation in actions. With a little work, I think it can be used for other games, too.

My plan is to have a series of six linked games. I will be using up to 12 Canlaster muster soldiers per game, while the enemy will be up to 18 Yordan muster soldiers. For both sides, figures will usually be organized in 6-soldier squads. The games are organized as a two-sided assault on Yordist defenses during a larger battle in Kendall III:

Game 1: Platoon 31 must break through the enemy perimeter, on their way to an Yordist control outpost. They must cross the battlefield with at least 1/2 of their troops.

Game 2: Meanwhile, platoon 24 must stage an attack against an observation post, to draw the enemy's attention. They must destroy some enemy targets and then withdraw to succeed.

Game 3: Now platoon 31 must take over the enemy control outpost, which is being used to coordinate enemy supply rafts. Available forces will depend on success in game 1. If platoon 24 won game 2, enemy forces will be reduced.

Game 4: Platoon 24 is making a fighting retreat after the action from game 2. They must be able to flee with at least 1/2 of their forces. If platoon 31 wins game 3, enemy forces will be reduced.

Game 5: Platoon 31 now must hold the control outpost against enemies that are trying to take it back. Available forces will depend on success in game 3. Enemy forces will depend on the success of games 2 and 4.

Game 6: Platoon 24 is assigned an ambush to destroy Yordist supply rafts that have been disabled using the control outpost. If platoon 31 lost game 5, the enemy will have more defenses.

This is the plan, and I should have the first report this week.

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