Saturday, March 3, 2012

Patrol Mission with CRFV

Here's the battle report for my first patrol mission of the War in the Planet of the Amazons campaign. I'm playing with 15mm miniatures in a 2'x2' board, with all distances and ranges halved. All the terrain features count as impassible terrain and block line of sight. All my forces (a rep 5 star and four rep 4 soldiers, as presented here) started on sector 7. The individual miniatures on sectors 2 and 5 represent the possible enemy forces (PEFs.) The enemy activity level is 3.

On the first turn, I rolled a 5 and the opposing forces got a 4, so I went first. I decided to stay on sector 7 to complete the patrol of that sector. I then started moving the PEFs. The first one to move advanced towards my group and resolved as two groups of five soldiers. I placed them in the map, rolled for their reps and started an In Sight test. Delfina (the unit in the lower left in the picture) had her line of sight blocked by friend units and the same happened to one of the enemy soldiers. The second group that was spawned from the PEF was hidden behind cover and didn't take part on the In Sight test, either.

My star rolled zero successes, freezing in place. Bibiana and Ercilia, two of my soldiers, rolled 1 success and everybody else rolled two succeses, so I had to resolve five "simultaneous" actions. The way I played was to roll for all actions and effects but apply all damage only after all units with 2 successes had acted. After the In Sight and reaction tests were resolved, Bibiana was out of the fight, Constanza was obviously dead and Ercilia was stunned. One of the enemy soldiers was out of the fight and one had charged and captured Bibiana.

I continued to roll for PEF movement. The other PEF on sector 5 entered line of sight but resolved as nothing but nerves. The last PEF rolled a result of "split into two PEFs" and stood in cover.

On the following turn, I rolled a 1 and the enemy rolled a 5, so the enemy forces would act first. I started with the single soldier that had charged into melee. Using the NP movement table, I resolved her action as moving to cover and attacking my star. She managed to cause an out of the fight result that was reduced back to "carry on" with a good roll of star power. The star then returned fire and took the enemy out of action. The second enemy group (in the middle of the map) activated and fired at Aleta (the star) and Ercilia, taking her out of the fight. Aleta returned fire and scored an obviously dead result.

The enemy group that was in cover split into two. Part of them would move and fire while the other would try to move around my group. This triggered a new In Sight test, during which my star was taken out of the fight (yes, even after rolling star power) and Delfina, my only remaining soldier, ducked back when it was her time to act.

At this point I decided the game was lost. Constanza was killed and Bibiana was captured as a prisoner of war. Next mission will be defending from a raid, with the enemy activity level increased to 4...


Monty said...

Great stuff, Ricardo - I'm just getting used to the revised rules myself and like them. Good use of the cardstock figures too ;)

Ricardo said...

Thanks for the comment! I also like how Ed managed to update and streamline this new version.