Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Girls: Defending the Outpost

This is the second battle in the War in the Planet of the Amazons campaign. After being surprised by a large group of Chalactan soldiers in their first mission, Aleta and companions must defend an outpost from incoming forces. Soldiers Fernánda (rep 4, assault rifle and grenade) and Guadalupe (rep 4, B.A. pistol and sword) have joined the group in place of those who were lost.

This is the initial setup of the game. The defending forces start in front of the building while the PEFs start at the opposing edge.

On the first turn the enemies had the initiative. The PEFs moved but remained out of sight. Aleta's group advanced towards the large obstacle at the center, intending to cover both approach routes.

The Mexeluine soldiers won initiative and further maneuvered in order to get ready for the incoming forces. One of the PEFs resolved into a group of six soldiers. Because of the obstructing terrain, only two from each side were in sight of each other. One of the Chalactan soldiers ducked back and the other was shot out of the fight.

On the next turn the enemies won the initiative. One of the PEFs didn't move and the other proved to be nothing but nerves. Since I rolled a 5 I could only activate the group with my star and two grunts. I decided I'd try to surround the enemies and reveal the last PEF. It resolved into a group of five soldiers, two of which had sight of my star. Aleta was hit but her star power saved her, and then proceeded to defeat one soldier (the other ducked back.) This caused another enemy soldier (that was previously behind the one defeated) to enter her sight, triggering another test. She was fired upon, saved by star power and fired back, taking another enemy down.

The enemies won the initiative on the fourth turn with a roll of 6, so no groups would be activated. The Mexeluine tried to keep on the pressure and moved into sight with two soldiers. Delfina was taken out of the fight and Fernánda was killed. The other three women formed a line to wait for the enemy.

On the fifth turn, the largest enemy group split into two groups to surround the remaining Mexeluine forces. Part of them captured Delfina, while the rest triggered an in sight test. Aleta and Ercilia hit the enemies, taking them out of the fight.

A lone enemy soldier started the following turn triggering an in sight test. Ercilia got to act first (and the star didn't roll any successes) and took the enemy out of the fight. The other enemy group remained hidden.

On the seventh turn, Aleta and the others turned around, in preparation for the enemy, which did come out of cover. Ercilia ducked back and Aleta took an enemy out of the fight. The enemies took Guadalupe out of the fight on the next round, and moved in sight of the star. She took two enemies out of the fight: one during the in sight test and another on her received fire reaction.

On the last turn, Aleta tried to shoot the last surviving enemy and was put out of the fight. However, Ercilia saved the day. Thus the mission ended successfully (barely), with many captured enemies. The next encounter will be another Patrol, with the EAL moving back down to 3. Total playing time: two hours (including taking notes and pictures.)


JF said...

Love that star power! Could have been a very different outcome without it.

Terrific campaign so far!

Ricardo said...

Indeed! By the end of the game, having my star saved twice (and losing two star power dice in the process) I was so confident that I had her chase the last soldier, only to be taken out of the fight as the star power roll didn't give any successes.