Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wargaming Podcasts?

I cannot explain it even to myself but only recently I've started to listen to gaming podcasts (as well as some audio lectures) on my way to work or back home. I mean, I spend over an hour in traffic on each way, and I never took the time to download this stuff and listen to it instead of random radio songs etc.

Anyways, I've been scavenging the Audio Noise posts from the Sin City Dispatch and there are some great RPG podcasts there, so now I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on podcasts focused on miniature games or boardgames...


evan said...

Hi! - I'm not sure about wargaming podcasts, but I can recommend a good podcast about boardgaming:

They do cover a bit of wargames stuff too... also there's a new podcast about solo gaming:

I did some links to a few other interesting podcasts on my blog at:


hope that's of help to you!?


Ricardo said...

Hey Evan, thanks for all the links! I think I'll start with the 1 Player podcasts...