Friday, March 9, 2012

More 15mm minis and buildings

I've been thinking about picking up Dave Graffam's recently released street map and building a 15mm version of it. However, it would be no good without buildings to put on it. This was the necessary excuse to go back to some papercraft... in this case, I built Dave's longhouse and a couple of Sanity Studios militia in 15mm (i.e. printing 4 pages to a page) to see if the results (considering my ability) would be worth the effort.

Overall, I'm pleased with both the proportions between building and figures and their appearance. The figures could be lighter but for this test I printed everything directly from the PDF viewer, therefore I had no options to adjust the brightness of the images.

These test prints were done in 90gsm paper, causing them to be a little more fragile. However, it also makes building the model or cutting the miniatures a lot more comfortable in this small scale (scoring and folding small flaps in cardstock can be very annoying.)

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