Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Patrol Mission in the War of the Amazons

After a while, here's the third battle in the War in the Planet of the Amazons campaign. This time, Aleta, Delfina and Ercilia go on a patrol mission in a region with ruins and wooded areas. Here's the map with the PEFs in sectors 2, 5 and 6.

Ercilia thought she heard something move in the woods but it proved to be nothing more than a wild rodent. The group of Mexeluine soldiers took the time to survey sector 8. It was Aleta's turn to note something moving in the ruins in sector 5, but it was just the shadows playing with her mind. The previous ambush might have all of them on edge. She completed surveying that sector, and also sectors 7, 9.

The last PEF resolved as two rep 4 soldiers, one hiding in the ruins and the other in the woods. The one in the ruins moved to a position in cover to fire at Aleta, prompting an In Sight test. Aleta acted first, firing at the enemy soldier and taking her out of the fight.

It was then the other enemy soldier's turn to move to the edge of the woods and attack Aleta's group. Delfina reacted first but, being out of range for her shotgun, dropped to the ground in order to avoid being hit. Then the enemy soldier and Aleta fired at the same time. The enemy was stunned, while Aleta was saved by her star power. Ercilia was taken by surprise. Aleta then fired again during her Received Fire reaction and took the other soldier out of the fight.

Having defeated all the opposition, the group took their time to patrol the rest of the sectors and moved back to their headquarters. Having found a route without heavy enemy presence, the next encounter will be a Raid to an enemy outpost. The EAL remains at 3. Playing time: about one hour.

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