Sunday, April 29, 2012

A small sci-fi base

This is a new 15mm sci-fi base or outpost I've created today. It is a kitbash of parts from the Omega Prime, Slagtown: Eden, Slagtown: Salvage, Watchtower 2, and Sci Blocks, all from Finger and Toe Models. The photos also show an S-Cube mech from the same company and the figures from Spacejacker. Here's the outside view of the small base.

The second floor can be accessed by removing the roof, giving a view of the ladder that leads to the first floor. The ramp was created using a bridge from Slagtown: Eden and a girder from the Watchtower 2.

Here's an alternate view of the second floor. The windows were taken from Slagtown: Salvage, and I edited the wall textures in Gimp.

By removing the second floor we get to the first one, which could be some kind of laboratory, armory or storage, for instance. The stacking mechanism is essentially the one used in Slagtown: Salvage.

Here's another view of the first floor...

Only the ladder is glued to the walls; the rest of the furniture can be repositioned so that I can create different layouts as needed. Those sci-blocks are particularly convenient as I can leave a single block to create obstacles or stack two for walls.

Now I have to run a game using this nice little base -- maybe with an objective of stealing something hidden in it...


Sean said...

Wow! That's pretty sweet. I have had an idea to do something like this. I need to get off my butt.

Sean said...

I'm pretty sure I left a comment here before. I'll try again. I really like what you have done here. I have been thinking about doing the same in 20mm.It looks like you have just printed it on card stock, obviously not foam core. Have you thought of mounting on mat board? Just curious about stability and stacking.

Ricardo said...

I received an email about your comment but it never showed up on the blog... I guess it's some issue with Blogger.

Anyway, these were printed on cardstock and they are quite stable at 15mm, as the building is around 3 by 3 inches. I suppose that for larger buildings I'd need to mount the floors on sturdier material to prevent the second floor from buckling, and maybe add some columns in the middle of the floor.