Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vault entrance

Here are some pictures of a new terrain piece built by kitbashing Finger and Toe's L.I.A.M. set into some tech elements for 15mm. At first I imagined it as the leftovers of some kind of research facility. After placing Spacejacker's space crew on it, however, I could only see it as the entrance to a Fallout vault -- complete with blue-clad vault dwellers.


Spacejacker said...

OMG! These minis were so hard to make that I went back to painting! So cool to see somebody using them.

PS- I was calling the range "Spacejackers" in my mind, which is why I used the handle on the onemonk forum, which is how I got my name :)

Ricardo said...

Interesting, I thought it was the other way around -- that the figures were inspired by your forum name. Great figures, by the way. Awesome style and poses.

Spacejacker said...

Thanks Ricardo, Ive since learned that its way easier if I just draw them isntead of using inkscape. I do like the clean lines on these though.