Thursday, April 19, 2012

War in the Planet of the Amazons: Finale

In this final encounter of the War in the Planet of the Amazons campaign, Aleta and her squad must raid an enemy base. This is represented by two buildings near the landing pad. The green patches are woods that block line of sight even from the top of the observation tower.

The encounter took place during the day. As per the raid encounter rules, one PEF started in each building, and another was randomly generated -- in this case, starting in sector 6. My forces started in sector 7, conveniently hidden from the buildings.

I won the initiative on the first turn and moved my units towards the wooded area. The PEF outside of the buildings moved towards the maintenance shack. On the second turn the enemy moved first, with the PEF advancing towards my squad. I then moved my squad inside the wooded area.

The enemy moved first again on the third turn. Now the PEF moved back towards the shack again. My squad moved to the edge of the wood, becoming simultaneously in sight of the three PEFs. The PEF outside the buildings resolved as nothing but nerves. The other 2 turned into a total of 13 enemies: 5 in the tower, 3 in the shack and 5 outside the buildings. Eight of them were facing my squad and thus took part in the in sight test.

Aleta and Delfina rolled no successes. Delfina and Ercilia were killed before they could even act, and Imelda, the new recruit, was taken out of the fight. After the in sight test was completed, Aleta used the rest of her movement to hide in the woods. The enemies moved out of the buildings and split in groups to surround the wooded area.

Some enemies entered the woods and caught Aleta running away. One of them shot Aleta but she was saved by her Star Power. On the next turn she activated first, rolled two successes on the fast move test and left the board. Whew!

Aleta reported their discovery of an enemy base in Mexeluine territory and the subsequent loss of her squad. The base was destroyed by long-range artillery, and that marked the end of the small infiltration skirmishes and the escalation into full battles...

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